Thursday, August 9, 2012

Corn 8/9/12

Have scaled in with 4 Corn $9.00 Dec call option and 1 $8.30 Dec... Average entry at $8.24 on the Dec contract... Also Grabben 2 Bean $18.00 Oct Call options at 1588... Currently, Breaking even at 1:00 on the Corn trade and Doing well on the the Bean trade..
Had a strong open on the pit with a test of 829 just before 1:00 we had another test which was also rejected.. Support at $8.23 and Resistance at $8.29... Small Range ...  USDA Report out tomorrow morning and am VERY nervous heading in... Hoping for a close at the top this afternoon, with the Robots taking it higher overnight... May the Force be With You...

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  1. Added 1 more $9.00 call at the close... still taking a little beating on the corn, while the beans continue to look great..