Monday, March 25, 2013

SPY 3/25/13

Good Monday All,
Don't know about you, but been waiting for Monday since Friday... Bought (3) Put options on Friday for $88.00, at 155.90, they last traded for $48.00 HOLY SHIT !!! that's -44% or down $135.00... My Risk was 3 x $88 or $264.00..
This was an impulse buy at the close, and I should not have done it... So to start of the week of trading, I begin down $135.00, Stupid move ....
I just accepted losses of $145.00 ... Wow, was looking for 10% and ended up giving up 55%... Decided not to trade this week as we have Easter coming up and I am just not on my game.   I can not remember the last time I had a winning trade. 
Need to step back and not revenge trade... get my head clear, the market will be there tomorrow...
May the Force Be with You..

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