Wednesday, March 27, 2013

SPY 3/27

Afternoon all,
its 3:15 as I write, and I an holding 8 154 April 12 Puts options.  In addition, I just purchased 1 July 690 Put option for 22.2 cents...

I am concerned that I have entered the corn market too early to, but I got in at 716 4/8 in the last minute before it dumped to 715... started the bidding at 220, 221, 222 hit...  I am very nervous about this trade as I don't usually short the report, at least I didn't last year or the year before... I could be screwing up... However, I believe that we will see huge planting and large yields and to bring corn back to normal levels...Also think the crops are good down south.  Shit, this could be a guess for I know...

Short corn at 716 this Day March 27th. (Entry $1,110.00)

Short SPY at 156.00 this Day March 27th.  (Average entry of $82.00)

May The Force Be With Me !!!!

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